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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(Belated) Thanksgiving Post

Hello all,

Recently, busy days have amassed into busy weeks and before I knew it, the numbers 12/01/10 were screaming at me from my brightly lit blackberry screen this morning. Really, how is it December already?!? Barring the fact that I haven't posted anything here for weeks, I had the best intentions of composing a Thanksgiving post full of appropriate gratitude and sentiment. But I was too busy enjoying Thanksgiving, and all the family and events that went along with it!! My son and I played, ate, rested and bonded for a sweet four-day stretch in LaPorte, Pennsylvania with more than a dozen other members of my sizable family.

The holiday highlights included:
my mother's corn pudding and turkey soup
my brothers rescuing me from the mud
never having to spend a minute worrying about my son
a woman who gave me $20 that God told her to give me at a gas station on the way to PA
the outpouring of remote help from my parents, friends and family when Ryder and I blew a tire on the way home on Sunday (not a good time or day to seek automotive help in rural Pennsylvania)
long walks in the brisk mountain air (when I wasn't sinking into mud!)
very restful nights of sleep
an "Oh Hell" victory
a constant feeling of gratitude for my family

To me, Thanksgiving is rooted in a story from our history books that I don't believe 100%. But regardless of my opinion on the conventional account of what happened on these shores centuries ago, I still cherish the time to stop and be present to all that I am thankful for, filling up on just as much gratitude as I do turkey.

I hope everyone had an equally beautiful, gratitude-filled holiday. I will resume Baby Green posts soon. Till then, I leave you with a few images of the big rescue efforts: my brothers pulling me out of the mud, my son comforting me as we both laughed it off and my brothers pulling my sneakers out of the mud (I was prepared to leave them behind forever!!).