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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Color: Slate Blue

Influenced by the misty gray-blue skies that are framed by each window in my home this morning, I have chosen Slate Blue as today's Monday Color. I frequently use blues in my design projects and am always struck by the vast range of hues that exist, a palette as seemingly infinite as the very sky it colors. I love all blues from bright to light, from green-tinted to inky, and the sleepy, soft drama of Slate Blue is no exception.

1. Pops of goldenrod, stark white, and wood tones balance the somber blue walls beautifully in this room.

2. I love the mix of raw natural textures with cream and slate blue. (room by architect Tom Scheerer, photo by David O. Marlow)

3. White ceramic pops against this soothing slate blue kitchen backdrop. (photo from Gast Architects, via My Sweet Savannah)

4. Slate blue feels warm and cozy on the walls and textural pillows of this room by Kenneth Brown, found on Decor Pad.

5. This is work-in-progress photo of the media room of one of my former celebrity clients, for which the color palette was based on the smoky colors of the Hudson River and New Jersey skyline that span every view.

6. A denim-esque gray duvet cover rom Coyuchi's Deep Woods Collection.

7. Alexandra Side Chair in Slate Blue silk by Hickory Chair.

8. Blue Scrap Leather Rug from Viva Terra.

9. Tiago Slate Blue Porcelain Dinnerware Set by Thomas Obrien.