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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Etsy Love: My Bearded Pigeon

With recent natural devastation turning a sympathetic focus overseas, the feeling of a global community is profoundly more present and real than usual. Before we all go back to our default single-mindedness within our constructed geographical borders, I wish to take a moment to appreciate this feeling and imagine how it would be if it were always like this. (Especially for us Americans, many of whom, I hate to say, behave as if there are no other lands beyond our shores much of the time.)

For today's Etsy shop pick, I found a seller who crafts organic cotton pillows emblazoned with maps of the world, various countries, states and even cities, bringing a quirky global accent to any room. My Bearded Pigeon is an Australia-based shop, specializing in these fun pillows. Featured below is a map of Japan and states from both coasts as well as a few picks from their non-map designs including an inspiring quotation on lined notebook paper and blank notebook paper. I love the simplicity and old school design feel of all of My Bearded Pigeon pillows.