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Friday, October 8, 2010

Yellow Fever

After testing nearly a dozen paint colors for the front door of my beach house last summer, my son, Ryder, and I decided on a bright acid yellow to contrast our house's crisp white exterior. I thought this was a big surprise for me because I typically don't like yellow. There's not a stitch of it in my closet and its interior application conjures up images in my mind of a buttery hue on the walls of a country style family room.  Blah. 

But that's just denial talking, Amanda.  Used in a fresh way, it's a jolt of sunshine, can be modern and even serene, is timeless and of course fun.....and is finally getting my recognition.

The walls of my son's first room were a pale greenish yellow.  How could I overlook that? Search google images for "yellow baby room" and the very first query result is a room I designed over four years ago for a client featuring a bold combination of magenta and yellow (bottom image above).

Oh, Yellow, I've been using you all along....I'm sorry I never gave you enough credit.  

And now, upon arrival home every day, even on a gloomy winter afternoon, my own front door makes me smile from the inside out and so do the other inspiring nursery images featured here.