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Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh how I love OH DEE DOH!!

Happy Earth Day everyone!!! I can't believe it was only one short year ago when I officially started this Baby Green blog. So much has happened in 365 days. I'm so fortunate for all the opportunities I've been graced with, the beautiful people I've crossed paths with or who make every day of my life brighter, and for the deep knowing that I'm on my true life's path through Baby Green, my writing, and all the hats I wear.

Whether you are a parent, expecting to be, or just know one......please check out the Q&A I was asked to do for Oh Dee Doh about the importance of eco-friendly kids rooms and my newest service offering Sprout. I warmly welcome your comments, questions, and ideas here and on the Oh Dee Doh piece.

With love & gratitude,