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Friday, November 12, 2010

Stand Up. (A few of the cutest children's bookends out there)

I was recently faced with the task of sourcing several pairs of unique, fun, modern bookends for a kids' room I'm designing, an endeavor that was more fun and challenging than I had expected. While I have a few pairs of bookends myself that I depend on to support a few groupings of prized tomes, I can't recall specifically seeking them out. Perhaps good bookends just happen to good people?

So I set out to match my wonderful, charming client with equally wonderful, charming bookends. Google was no help, turning up 100's of bookends.com type sites, with one bookend more blah than the next. But etsy (and ebay of course) were very fruitful and below are a few of the cutest from my search, mostly handmade or environmentally responsible in some way (but it's enough that they just support a love for reading in our little ones):







  1. Love those bookends! I've never seen ones like those. Love the name of your blog....I'm doing my best everyday to be more "green"! Julie

  2. I love the bird book ends, thanks for searching them out! I'm going to order them for my daughter tonight :)