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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I would like to thank my mom.....my son Ryder.....all my Facebook friends and their friends and their friends and their friends....and of course all my homies, you know who you are!!
(Fighting back tears of joy)

Seriously guys, I'm elated!! Thanks to you, Baby Green made it on to the next round of Apartment Therapy's Homies awards in the green blog category. In fact it had the second highest amount of nominations, behind a delightful New Zealand-based blog called The Frugal Kiwi. Considering Baby Green is still a tiny, wriggling newborn (not even one year old yet!), and I have a lot of blogucation to pursue as her guardian (for example, I can't get my links to be consistently orange for the life of me), I am really grateful for this nod of recognition and love.

Please click here and vote for Baby Green in the final round!! Once you've clicked next to Baby Green's name, click on "submit survey" and then you're done! If you'd like to have the full democratic popular vote experience and see the impact of your submission, then click "show results." If the number to the right of Baby Green is not the highest when voting nears its closing on Thursday February 3rd , then by all mean please twitter, text message, re-post on Facebook, send smoke signals, unleash carrier pigeons, whatever it takes.

Thanks again to everyone!

All love,


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