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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Put A Cork In It

New Years Eve came and went without much of a fuss from me, but certainly in merry festivities far and wide, corks were popping and bubbles pouring. I may uncork a bottle of wine now and again, but my true obsession with this ultra-sustainable material lies in its myriad other home uses beyond beverage sealing, from decorative surfaces to functional bowls. Here's a few of my earth-friendly favorites.

100% natural cork fabric Adjust-A-Bowls come in medium and large sizes and are available through Branch Home.

Vitra's Cork Stool C from Design Within Reach.

Recycled Cork Mosaic Tiles made from cork beverage topper industry waste are durable, sustainable, and naturally antimicrobial (tiles shown are from Habitus).

Recycled cork Float Pendants by Benjamin Hubert.

The pricey but handsome mildew-resistant Cork Bath Collection from Labrazel Home.

Small chips of metallic cork make up this unique wallpaper, found on My Two Designers.

This sleek, modern kitchen with cork flooring strikes the perfect contrast.

Michael Roger Straw's Cork Sleeve for Apple's 15" MacBook, from Amazon.


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