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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

Falling in love with a European-American who has been shooting guns since before he could ride a bicycle or write his long Greek last name has caused me to consider my position on firearms and hunting season. I was surprised to find that operating a rifle is a very zen-like experience in which everything but my own breath ceased to exist for a few moments while I aimed at my target. But in my case the target was - and will always be - inanimate paper circles tacked to wooden posts, which apparently are very safe from my novice aim. And even if I someday become a skilled markswoman, the targets will remain the recyclable kind and I won't be putting a real skull or artfully preserved buck head up on my wall anytime soon. But still, for some reason, I like to look at them; in fact the decor of one of my favorite Manhattan restaurants closely resembles an upstate hunting lodge, trophy heads and all. They impart a rustic feel of yesteryear that pairs well with my affinity for patina, peeling paint, wool blankets and clothbound novels. Fortunately for me and nonhunters everywhere, clever home decor brands deliver the look, minus the trip to the taxidermist.

The Steer Horns in Cast Resin from Restoration Hardware is molded from a real skull and hand-finished for striking realism.

This faux Moose Head from Z Gallerie is covered in white lacquer in a nod to taxidermy that is kitschy and fun.

Velocity Art and Design offers a whole herd of hand-carved wooden trophy heads that are as modern and tasteful as they are humane.

Add a little shine to your trophy wall with the oil rubbed Bronze Trophy Head from Ballard Designs.

Designers Christophe Hascoet, Annabel Karim Kassar and Isabelle Rolland created this unique wall-mounted Trophy Lamp replacing fur with form and function.

For a more practical lighting solution, the resin Barbara Cosgrove Ram Horns table lamp has a rustic Southwestern appeal that works with any decor style.


  1. Great post! I love the lamp, but the price sent me running to the woods. Nearly $8,000?! WAY out of my budget, but nice nonetheless. :)

  2. I love everything about this post. The Restoration Hardware skull is delicious.


  3. Thanks g.p. I felt the same way about the 8K price tag....but isn't good design priceless?!? ;)

    Perhaps a really crafty person could evoke a similar look with a wall-mount light socket, filament bulb and this acrylic deer head from Science & Sons placed over it:


    Just an idea.

    Thanks for reading!!